Lettered & Lined was founded in the Spring of 2013 on the idea that information can be beautiful, and art can serve a purpose beyond the aesthetic. We passionately create art that compromises neither form nor function. 

Our Founder, Kelly Bernal, has been an artist and graphic designer for 20 years. As she was renovating her 105-year-old house in Portland, Ore. to create new, rejuvenated spaces for her family, Kelly was inspired by the the utility of her homes' built-in features. The same features that provided such charm and beauty. She craved art that also combined utility and beauty, and began to create prints with a purpose for each room of the home. These laundry symbols, kitchen conversions and bathroom procedures prints were launched as Lettered & Lined's first products.

Since then, Lettered & Lined has grown in so many amazing and unexpected ways. We have designs being sold at many brick and mortar shops across the country and on many maker-made websites including Scoutmob.com. We have also expanded into many big box retailers including Target, HomeGoods, and Hobby Lobby. The journey is the destination, and are thoroughly enjoying the ride.

Our focus is on typographic design that turn words into works of art. We appreciate designs that pack a visually-considered punch to everyday life and add functionality and warmth to your home. Each and every design comes from our 105-year-old home to yours.


"I am immeasurably grateful and humbled by how warmly my designs have been received. I love the idea that each print finds a lovely new home and brings beauty to that household in some small way. Thank you for being here with me."
Kelly Bernal, Founder & Designer
Portland, Ore.
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