Coconut oil goes with essential oils like lemon oil goes in your water. They BELONG together. Really, there's not much you can't do with coconut oil and some essential oils. Coconut oil has so many benefits for your skin. It's loaded with lauric acid, which is easily absorbed by the skin and supports collagen. It is naturally anti-bacterial, so even for oily or acne-prone skin, it's a great option for a moisturizer. It's also a wonderful carrier oil and whips up nicely, which makes using it even more fancy and fun than it already is.



  •  1 CUP COCONUT OIL - I like to get the Gold Label coconut oil from Tropical Traditions. It uses fresh coconuts and is hand pressed in small batches using traditional methods, which does not use any chemicals or solvents, and is completely unrefined. It is non GMO, USDA certified organic and has the highest possible level of antioxidants thanks to being wet milled. Oh, and unlike a lot of the coconut oil I'd tried in the past, this premium virgin coconut oil smells and tastes like an actual coconut! I'm using this with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, so I want the best coconut possible to go along with it. To see for yourself how great this coconut oil is, watch the video that pops up on their home page. It's good stuff!



  1. GOLDILOCKS YOUR COCONUT OIL. Not too hard, not too soft. Coconut oil is liquid above 75 degrees and this recipe is really all about the temperature of your oil. If your coconut oil is sitting in your house at room temperature, likely you can just pop it into the fridge in the bowl you'll be whipping it in for 10 minutes or so and it'll be just right. You should be able to scoop it out and have it hold it's shape for the most part. If it's too hard, just leave it room temperature for a while or put the jar in a bowl of mildly warm water for a minute.
  2. WHIP IT UP! Using a stand or hand mixer, whip your coconut oil until stiff peaks form. This may take several minutes, but I've had it work in just a minute or so a few times. It's fun to watch it fluff up and whiten!
  3. ADD YOUR ESSENTIAL OILS. If you're adding essential oils to your entire batch, add them once it is whipped then just whip them in to mix. If you are leaving this as a base to add oils to as you go, skip to step 4.
  4. SCOOP into your favorite jar and enjoy!

This fancy whipped coconut oil works great for the face or body. Just pick your oils depending on what you're trying to accomplish and you'll be good to go!



  •  face wash - use without essential oils
  • face lotion
  • hand & body moisturizer
  • post-workout cream
  • relaxation cream

Body Butter Base

Healing Salve Base

Whipped Coconut Oil Base

Spray Base

Silky Body Lotion Base

Body Balm Base

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